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In this short essay you will consider cross-cultural exposure and its influence on artistic production in the contemporary realm and in the art of the past. Prepare for the assignment by reading the assigned textbook pages and watching the associated video.Download the complete instructions for this assignment here.It is the student’s responsibility to ensure correct and timely submission. Failure to correctly submit during the assignment’s open dates will result in a zero (0).Important Note: Your paper will be submitted here and checked through Turnitin, an automated plagiarism detection service. Assignments are compared automatically with a database of journal articles, web articles, and previously submitted papers. Do NOT submit work you have turned in for any other course.RubricShort Essay RubricShort Essay RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDiscussion of prompts #14.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDiscussion of prompts #23.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDiscussion of prompts #33.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGeneral Writing: Organization and Language (Subtract)0.0 pts
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ARH3001 Introduction to Art
Essay: Art and Cultural Exchange
10 points / 10% of final grade
Submit your essay via the link provided in CANVAS
Your work will be checked via TurnItIn, the University’s plagiarism detection service.
How to Prepare for this Assignment

View the video: “Converging Cultures” (26 minutes):

Read: pages 216-221
Answer ALL of the Following Questions
1. Many western artists, both in Europe and America, were influenced by the influx of Japanese design and
ukiyo-e prints from the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of these artists include: Claude Monet, Mary
Cassatt, Edgar Degas, Camille Pissarro, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent van Gogh, and James McNeil
a. Consider this phenomenon and choose a work not mentioned in the book or video where these
influences can be seen and discuss. Be sure to identify the artwork fully (artist name, title, date,
medium) and provide a hyperlink or jpg image within your essay.
b. What makes the work you chose a form of Japonisme (a term used to describe the way in which
the work of Japanese artists influenced many artists in Europe)?
c. What is the historical context of the work you chose? When and why was it created? (For this
you will have to do some outside research.)
2. Pick an artwork from the video “Converging Cultures” and discuss. How is this work a form of
hybrid art? Where do you see the different cultural elements and how did the artist incorporate them?
3. Today, artists around the world are increasingly exposed to global culture through the media,
technology, tourism, and foreign trade. Explain your thoughts on this cultural exchange and its impact
on art and expression. How does art from one culture change or inspire the art of another? Use a
contemporary artwork example (art created in approximately the last thirty years) from the video or
from your textbook to help illustrate your answers. (Note: do not select the same work you discussed in
question #2 above).
Format and Submission Guidelines
 Word count: 500 words minimum. Do not bullet point, or otherwise separate, your information.
Although you must answer the questions found in the instructions, do not number your paragraphs.
 Submit in a Word document (.doc, .docx) or convert to .pdf. Any other formats are NOT accepted and
will result in a zero (0) grade. Corrupt files or incorrect documents will also result in a zero (0).
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ARH3001 Introduction to Art
 Use 12-point font, Times New Roman, one inch margins and indent the first line of each new paragraph.
Double-space. Italicize all artwork titles. Writing in first person is acceptable.
 Use MLA style when citing sources.
 Proofread your paper before submission. You must use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Utilize the resources provided by the Writing Studio at USF. They offer online resources in addition to
in-person appointments. Another good online resource is the Purdue Online Writing Lab.
Your response will be evaluated based on your thoroughness in answering all the questions and for its use
of proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The rubric below is a general guide. A rubric with points and
specific grading criteria is attached to the assignment in Canvas and will be used in evaluation.
Focus and
Support for
D, F
Stays on topic all of the time.
Shows a full understanding of
the topic. Answers all
required questions
thoroughly. Communicates
ideas and purpose clearly
and with sophistication.
Beyond understanding of
issues, shows insight.
Paragraph structure
consistently and effectively
supports content.
Clear logic and effective
Points are developed
logically, coherently and
extensively with convincing,
specific supporting details
and researched examples.
Strong evidence of critical
thinking. No factual errors.
Choice of language
consistently precise,
purposeful. Nearly flawless
sentence structure, usage,
mechanics contribute to
writer’s ability to
communicate purpose.
Stays on topic most of the time.
Shows a good understanding of
the topic or parts of the topic,
however, missed select
concepts and/or did not fully
answer the questions assigned.
Shows full understanding of
Stays on topic some of the
Central ideas are evident but
lack clarity. Does not seem to
understand the topics very
Adheres to purpose, fulfills
assignment, shows adequate
understanding of key issues.
Paragraph structure
sometimes supports content.
Consistency, logic and
transitions show some
Development of ideas and
points evident but supported
by a mixture of
generalizations and specific
Some factual errors.
Incompletely addresses
assigned topic or
directions, shows need for
more study of issues.
Loose focus on central
idea, contains some
repetition and digression,
does not fully understand
key issues.
Paragraph structure
Consistency, logic and
transitions show major
weaknesses. Style uneven.
Ideas and points are
evident but support is
very general and/or
Several factual errors.
Word choice correct but
simple/ without variety.
Errors in mechanics and/ or
usage may partially obscure
content of assignment.
Frequent errors in word
Sentence structure and
mechanics seriously affect
Paragraph structure uniformly
supports content.
Consistency, logic and
transitions well managed.
Presents a plan of development
that is carried out. Uses specific
supporting details and
researched examples.
No factual errors
Word choice accurate, varied.
Occasional errors in sentence
structure, usage and mechanics
do not hinder writer’s ability to
communicate purpose.
We take instances of academic dishonesty very seriously. Any evidence of academic dishonesty will result in sanctions as set forth by the
University (https://www.usf.edu/graduate-studies/students/academic-integrity-of-students). Possible sanctions include a failing grade for the
course with a designation of FF on student’s internal transcript or possible suspension from the university for one semester.
Failure to correctly submit during the assignment’s open dates will result in a zero (0).
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