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“Many artists use or combine everyday objects to challenge assumptions about what constitutes “art” and how it should be made. Learn how Marcel Duchamp, Meret Oppenheim, and Robert Rauschenberg did the same with a bicycle wheel and a stool, a teacup, and a bed.”To help prepare for this assignment, watch this brief introductory video presented by Museum of Modern Art (MoMA): How artists transform everyday objects | Modern Art & Ideas (Links to an external site.)

Download the complete instructions for this assignment HERE.Post your response to your assigned Group in CANVAS. Click the Reply button below and then copy and paste or type your written response. Remember to respond to at least one of your peers.

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ARH3001 Introduction to Art
Discussion: Transforming Everyday Objects
How to Submit: Post your response to your discussion group in CANVAS.
How to prepare for this assignment
1. Watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCgWn8fFKAQ
2. Textbook images to explore for further insight: Figures 20-12, 20-30, 20-36, 20-37
Answer all of the following
(Create a single post to answer the questions. Respond to at least one classmate). Copy/paste or type
your response directly into the discussion thread rather than uploading a word document.
Select any one (1) artist from the following list of artists found on Art21 (a series that documents
21st century art from the artists’ own perspectives). Your chosen artist must be from this list*:

El Anatsui: https://art21.org/artist/el-anatsui/
Cai Guo Qiang https://art21.org/artist/cai-guo-qiang/
Nick Cave https://art21.org/artist/nick-cave/
Abraham Cruzvillegas https://art21.org/artist/abraham-cruzvillegas/
Mark Dion https://art21.org/artist/mark-dion/
Ellen Gallagher https://art21.org/artist/ellen-gallagher/
Theaster Gates https://art21.org/artist/theaster-gates/
Ann Hamilton https://art21.org/artist/ann-hamilton/
Brian Jungen https://art21.org/artist/brian-jungen/
Jamian Juliano Villani https://art21.org/artist/jamian-juliano-villani/
Mike Kelley https://art21.org/artist/mike-kelley/
Damian Ortega https://art21.org/artist/damian-ortega/
Pedro Reyes: https://art21.org/artist/pedro-reyes/
Doris Salcedo: https://art21.org/artist/doris-salcedo/
Do Ho Suh: https://art21.org/artist/do-ho-suh/
Sarah Sze: https://art21.org/artist/sarah-sze/
Jessica Stockholder https://art21.org/artist/jessica-stockholder/
*To avoid repetition, try to choose an artist not previously chosen in your group. If you do
choose the same artist, please discuss different examples of their work.
1) First: Explore the Creative Process:
You must use at least one specific artwork example from your chosen artist above to help illustrate
your answer to the following questions. Remember to fully identify the artwork by title, date, dimensions,
media and include an image in your post.
a) Investigate and describe your chosen artists’ creative process and use of materials. What type of
work does the artist do (painting, photography, mixed media, installation, etc.)? What does the
work look like? What techniques are used?
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ARH3001 Introduction to Art
b) How does the artist transform the ordinary? For example, do they use found objects, readymades,
or objects from pop culture? Do they transform physical found sculptural materials and/or use
c) Briefly discuss the artist’s context and content of the work. What critical issues, concerns, and
interests does this artist appear to have?
2) Next: Develop a Critical Position and Reflect upon the Definition of Art:
a) What is your reaction to the artist’s work? What do you find most interesting about your chosen
artist? Could you identify with the artist? Why or why not?
b) What makes their work art? How does their work align with your definition of art? Is there
anything about their work or process that you have trouble understanding or accepting as art? In
your opinion, is it as artistic as other more traditional art forms? Explain.
3) Respond thoughtfully to one other peer’s post.
Format and Submission Guidelines:
 450 word minimum (main post). Do not bullet point, or otherwise separate, your information.
Although you must answer the questions found in the instructions, do not number your paragraphs.
 Remember to cite your sources. Use MLA style when citing any sources used.
 Proofread before submission. You must use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Utilize the
resources provided by the Writing Studio at USF. They offer online resources in addition to in-person
appointments. Another good online resource is the Purdue Online Writing Lab.
Focus and
Support for
D, F
Stays on topic all of the time.
Shows a full understanding of
the topic. Answers all required
questions thoroughly.
Communicates ideas and
purpose clearly and with
sophistication. Beyond
understanding of issues, shows
Paragraph structure
consistently and effectively
supports content.
Clear logic and effective
Stays on topic most of the time.
Shows a good understanding of
the topic or parts of the topic,
however, missed select
concepts and/or did not fully
answer the questions assigned.
Shows full understanding of
Stays on topic some of the
Central ideas are evident but
lack clarity. Does not seem to
understand the topics very
Adheres to purpose, fulfills
assignment, shows adequate
understanding of key issues.
Paragraph structure
sometimes supports content.
Consistency, logic and
transitions show some
Points are developed logically,
coherently and extensively with
convincing, specific supporting
details and researched
Strong evidence of critical
thinking. No factual errors.
Choice of language consistently
precise, purposeful.
Nearly flawless sentence
structure, usage, mechanics
contribute to writer’s ability to
communicate purpose.
Presents a plan of development
that is carried out. Uses specific
supporting details and
researched examples. No factual
Development of ideas and
points evident but supported
by a mixture of
generalizations and specific
detail. Some factual errors.
Incompletely addresses
assigned topic or
directions, shows need
for more study of issues.
Loose focus on central
idea, contains some
repetition and
digression, does not fully
understand key issues.
Paragraph structure
Consistency, logic and
transitions show major
weaknesses. Style
Ideas and points are
evident but support is
very general and/or
Several factual errors.
Word choice accurate, varied.
Occasional errors in sentence
structure, usage and mechanics
do not hinder writer’s ability to
communicate purpose.
Word choice correct but
simple/ without variety.
Errors in mechanics and/ or
usage may partially obscure
content of assignment.
Frequent errors in word
Sentence structure and
mechanics seriously
affect clarity.
Paragraph structure uniformly
supports content.
Consistency, logic and
transitions well managed.
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Robert Rauschenberg

Everyday Objects

challenge assumptions

bicycle wheel

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