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The rubric and instructions are attached This is the reference article like https://www.bustle.com/articles/150203-female-disn…The other article https://www.theodysseyonline.com/its-good-to-be-ba…

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Bb Take Test: Film Analysis: Dis… X
Research Credit Opportunities
Question Completion Status:
Identify the Villainess and discuss the ways in which she does or does not adhere to the classic villainess traits by applying the following quote from the author Henke.
Must reference at least one article from module.
Reference the following quote from the author Henke:
Disney’s evil females are magnificent in their strength, presence, and rage. Visually, they loom large and dark on screen as they trick, manipulate, and threaten
They control others’ opinions, and access to money, shelter and relationships with men. These evil females are often alienated from their communities. In Disney
tales, evil women are motivated by the desire to have what isn’t theirs- purity, beauty, acceptance, love” – Henke from “Constructions of the Female Self”
*Note- to reference or to apply a quote means to provide evidence that does or does not support the quote. You can refute or agree with the statement
(A+) 50 = Synthesis and analysis: Shows thoughtfulness and independent thinking by developing response beyond lecture, readings, discussion; Two specific and relevant
examples are cited: Explanations that support the answer are thoughtful and articulate in 4 paragraphs.
(A) 45-49= Understanding: Shows a clear understanding of the material presented in lecture, readings, discussion.; Two specific and relevant examples are cited: Explanations that
support the answer are thoughtful and articulate in 4 paragraphs.
(B) 40-44= Memorization and repetition: Shows the ability to correctly REPEAT the basic material as presented in lecture, readings, discussion; Two examples are
cited: Explanations that support the answer are UNCLEAR in 3-4 paragraphs.
(C) 35-39= Awareness: Shows some familiarity with course material but does not accurately refer to material from lecture, readings, discussion.; One example is cited: Explanations
that support the answer are UNCLEAR in 3 paragraph.
(D) 30-34 = Effort: Attempted work but does not demonstrate basic awareness of material from lecture, readings, discussion; One example is cited: Explanations are underdeveloped in
2 paragraphs

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