Wild By Nicolette Krebitz Germany Movie Analysis


answer all the requirement question, and for requirement 3, you need to pick one line problem( which is can be answer for this movie) to answer
movie name: wild 2016

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beyond half a page. Please use cinematographic terminology, the readings, and your
class notes to inform your analyses. Each short analysis of a film should be analytical,
not evaluative. Please don’t extensively summarize the plot but focus on the film as a
visual & cultural text that needs to be interpreted. Please follow these guidelines:
1. Title, Director, Year.
2. Very brief Story in no more than 2-3 sentences.
3. Narrative Structure; Questions
Who are the main characters? Can they be grouped? Who opposes whom?
What causes the conflict of the narrative? How is the conflict resolved?
What stylistic features, i.e. the use of camera movement, lighting, shots, mis-en-
scène, sound, etc., are in place?
How does the form comment on the film’s story/plot (content)? Symbolism?
Meaning? Does the form possibly undermine the meaning or vice versa?
Who speaks (narrative perspective / point of view; does it manipulate the
What is the time frame of the story? Are there time shifts? What purpose do they
What function do the film’s beginning and the ending have? Is there a climax?
Pick the most important scene and argue your choice!
4. Film & Historic Contexts; Questions
What are the political, economic, social, cultural themes the film comments on?
Are there references and allusions (explicit or implicit/unspoken) to the historical
moment in which the film was made?
What solutions does the film suggest (if any)?
How does the film’s “language” comment on the issues brought up?
5. Film as Intertext; Questions
How does the film relate to other films or books? (of the same genre, same time,
or same themes)?
How does the film relate to political/cultural debates (a) at the moment when it
was made, and (b) today?
„radikal sinnlich frel

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Germany Movie Analysis

Wild By Nicolette Krebitz

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