World Regional Geography


read Ch. 7 (Sub-Saharan Africa) in your textbook (World Regional Geography) and then watch at
least three of the following short videos from Frontline World.
For this week’s DB assignment you should discuss one or both of the following questions:
– How
much should Sub-Saharan Africa’s current challenges (poverty, conflict,
debt, etc.) be attributed to factors such as European colonization or
outside forces such as globalization …or how much are they now the
responsibility of Africans?
– Does
(and if so, how much) the international community have a responsibility
to help Africans with challenges such as diseases (HIV/AIDS, Malaria,
etc.), poverty, inequitable land distribution, ethnic and religious
conflict, debt, etc.? If so, please give some specific examples of what
should and can be done.  
Here are the links:  
Congo: On the Trail of an Ak-47. China’s calling card in Africa 
Liberia: Give peace a chance
Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies 
This Land is Ours: Who should own Namibia’s farms?
Somalia:  A Reporter’s Search for Al Qaeda
Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground
Your posting for the week should: 1.) Be at least five full paragraphs in length; 2.) Clearly address the assigned
question or topic; and 3.) Demonstrate your engagement with, and
understanding of, required readings and/or films. In most weeks, you are
expected to clearly demonstrate (by making specific references in your
comments) that you have viewed a few of the assigned PBS Frontline World
films assigned for that week.

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