WSU Smirnov Popov and Luka Are Dependent on One Another The Playwright Discussion

Description, at the end of a play production, the participants gather and discuss their experiences.I would like each of you to share:1) an overview of the scene you the wrote.2) something you really enjoyed about the production process.3) the biggest challenge you had to overcome.Make sure you respond to a least one group member’s entry in order to earn full assignment credit.

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Running head: THE PLAYWRIGHT
Institutional Affiliation
Student’s Name
Instructor’s Name
Persons in the play
SMIRNOV, Proprietor of a country estate.
POPOV, a young widow, mistress of a country estate.
LUKA, A servant of Popov.
TIME: 19th Century
SCENE: It is in the afternoon when Popov is having her lunch when Smirnov
enters through the door.
POPOV: You devil! Are you back again? (As she sweats profusely).
SMIRNOV: Cooldown young woman, never judge from your experiences (A knock is heard at
the main door, Luka pop in and collects the cups on the table)
POPOV: I cool down my foot! You are a troublemaker; someone can’t live in peace because of
your pennies.
SMIRNOV: Not Really, today we are reading from a different peaceful script (Popov starts to
POPOV: I don’t understand anything, what do you mean by saying a different peaceful script.
Please explain to me because you seem to have some good news (Smirnov sits upright on his
SMIRNOV: I have offloaded you the outstanding debt (Popov smiles, she walks towards where
Smirnov is and gives him a tight hug as she kisses him).
POPOV: I have seen that you are a logical man. I think the gods have sent ages to talk to you
(Jabeen, Mehmood & Iqbal, 2013).
SMIRNOV: I am always a wise man; it is so fortunate that you have discovered so, but you
know what I have a plan B (As Popov listens keenly). I want you to be my wife (Popov becomes
POPOV: That one can’t happen here on earth. You can’t fit the shoes of my husband. You are
below average (Smirnov becomes angry).
SMIRNOV: You, bitch! You say I am below average. Go to hell! You are a prostitute.
POPOV: (Popov rushes to where Smirnov is and grabs him) You can’t call me a prostitute. Over
My dead body (Luka hears the chaos, and he rushes into the house).
LUKA: Stop fighting! (As he separates them).
SMIRNOV: I will never come to this home again (Smirnov bangs the door as he walks out of the
POPOV: Never come into my house again (As she wipes away the tears from her face).
Jabeen, I., Mehmood, A., & Iqbal, M. (2013). Ellipsis, reference & substitution as cohesive
devices the bear by Anton Chekhov. Academic Research International, 4(6), 123.

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production process

good news

enticing humorous events

using heavy words

proprietor of the country estate

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