You will complete a scene analysis of a sound film from class — a film made in the post 1929 era. You may choose a clip from any film or film clip that we have seen in class.


Complete the attached worksheet as the first step in your final project.You will complete a scene analysis of a sound film from class — a film made in the post 1929 era. You may choose a clip from any film or film clip that we have seen in class. The only restriction is that you cannot write about a scene that we already covered in class lecture/discussion.MES140XWORKSHEETFORPAPER.docx USE THIS DOCUMENT AND FILL IT OUT FOR DISCUSSION BOARD 5
If you are submitting an alternate project, check with me and submit materials here
Second: Revise WorksheetThird: Write Your First DraftFourth: Revise First Draft and Submit a final draft

Second summarize reading and lecture video anwser short questions.All question anwsers must relate to film.…
1.What defines surrealism ?2.George Milies is considered the father of?3.What major internal Hollywood decision of the 1930’s changed the way stories were told?4.What are some aspects of a film that help define its genre?
5.Why is it useful to look at genre films? You should answer this by discussing a genre film we have seen and discussing it.

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Watch Entire Film
Re-watch scene 3 times
look at mise en scene
acting (expressions gestures etc)
movement within the frame
Use of space
Use of light
shot choice (ls, ms, cu)
movement of camera (if any)
depth of field
how it relates to the shot before
how it relates to the shot after
anything specific drive the cut
Sound (if applicable)
What different types of sounds?
Sync sound
Sound EFX
Off Screen Sounds
How are these elements adding story info?
Are they creating emotion? How?
Come up with a thesis (what are the crucial elements)
Use your notes from above to structure your paper

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intro to moving imagies

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